A Wishlist: Office Details

A wishlist: Office Details

I always want to switch something up when it comes to interiors and this month it’s my desk area. I have the standard white desk from Ikea with a set of Alex drawers. It’s not my dream deskĀ but it will do until I have my own place.

I’m desperate for some new stationary bits and if they’re blush pink or metallic you can count me in! I’m running low on greeting cards too which I like to keep a stack of because I love to give people a pick-me-up or just let them know I’m thinking of them. Aside from stationary, I’m wanting to change up the decorative bits on and around the desk. I already have a wire memo board but it’s copper and is starting to fade and chip so I’ve ordered some white spray paint from Amazon. I’m hoping it will cover nicely and be less of a stand-out feature on the wall so I can add more prints.

Having greenery indoors is so refreshing and I think everyone needs a desk plant or two. I’m considering some new pots and maybe an easy to care for hanging plant (I’m thinking a string of beads). While I was on the look out for some quirky planters I found this fabĀ head planter on ASOS.

Have a browse of my wishlist and let me know what office details you like to have…


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