Updating My Desk

Updating my desk area - beth waldron

My desk area was really in need of a spruce up. I was at that stage when everything piles up and it just became a dumping ground. I resorted to sitting in my bed with my laptop and it just became extremely counterproductive. I’ve only made small changes but I already feel so much more comfortable sitting at my desk for long periods of time.

I started by taking down a shelf with numerous prints lined up on it. It was nice but it made the space feel too boxy and precise. I flipped the wire memo board 90 degrees and spray painted it white – the old copper paint was dirty and chipped. Next on the list is to find some new prints and bits and bobs to display on it. I could probably do with some sort of desk lamp too now that the dark nights are looming.

Updating my desk area - beth waldron

I picked up this storage box from TK Maxx years ago which just holds greetings cards, ribbons and wrapping stuff. On top is a H&M home box which keeps letters/receipts and I like to keep a hand cream and lip balm combo up here too. I’m obsessed with the Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé hand cream at the mo – it smells divine!

To the other side of the desk I have a few of my favourite magazines stacked up which will continue to get higher with time and some fresh blooms. It goes without saying that flowers and a bit of greenery make any desk area look better. It’s worth noting I picked up the pink vase in Tiger for only £3.00! It’s got an Anthro vibe about it without the price tag. I always pop into Tiger to pick up wrapping bits and disposable coffee cups and without fail, every time, I come out with weird and wonderful things.

Updating my desk area - beth waldron

The desk itself is the ALEX/LINNMON desk from Ikea and is a bargain for only £70! The drawers are great for storing stationary, cameras, cables and all that good stuff. There are other desks I would prefer with a bit more character but this will do for now until I have my own place. My chair is an Eames inspired armchair with the light wood legs from Lakeland Furniture (it’s comfier than it looks). I always have a throw over the back of the chair because I’m one of those people who is permanently cold. My little fingers literally go numb when I’m typing and I’m sure that’s not normal…

Updating my desk area - beth waldron

I’m spending a lot more time at my desk since the reshuffle and love the space now. No doubt I’ll change it up again soon but for now I’m really happy with the finished setup. I’ll still be taking my laptop to bed from time to time though because there is something so satisfying about feeling productive whilst being wrapped in a duvet! Where do you work best from?



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