Twenty Eighteen Goals.

Twenty Eighteen Goals - Beth Waldron

Happy New Year! I can’t quite believe it’s twenty eighteen. Last year seemed to go by in a flash and with that saw two big milestones in my life. In July, I graduated in Fashion Journalism and five months later I bagged my first graduate job! I will be working as a Communications Co-ordinator for a PR and communications company. My first day in the role is tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited for my new career path!

With the excitement of knowing my hard work is beginning to pay off, I’ve set myself some goals for the year ahead. I’m not the type of person to fixate over a goal, but I think it’s fulfilling to have something to aim towards.

Twenty Eighteen Goals - Beth Waldron

Be successful in my new job

This is an obvious one. I’m so excited to learn more about the industry and I really want to be a valuable member of the team who creates great work. It feels strange to think I have a job that I really want rather than it just being a source of income.

Improve my photography knowledge and take more photos

I love¬†taking photos and need to do more of it. Half the time I just wing it and rely more on the quality of the camera rather than my own photography skills. This year I want to learn the ins and outs of my camera and more of the technical side of photography. I’m going to print more photos too so I can make albums and scrapbooks. I used to do this after every holiday or event but over time I’ve let it slip and I miss having something physical to hold and look at.

Have a blog schedule

I always find sticking to a blog schedule a tricky task. All of my effort goes into working full time and spending quality time with family and friends so blogging takes a back seat. I think if I actually plan ahead it will be doable. I’ll never put pressure on myself to blog because it’s something I do for enjoyment but I would like to create content on a more regular basis.

Save, Save, Save

This is more of a long term goal. We want to become home owners as soon as the times right and with that comes a hefty deposit. It’s not something we’re going to rush, however we do have a rough idea and plan of what we want to achieve. I also want to visit a new country this year and purchase another camera.

More self-care

Self-care is something that’s different for everyone. For me it’s making healthier choices, working out, reading more, pamper evenings and wearing clothes that make me feel great. It’s a huge number of things but I’m going to make a conscious effort to look after my body and mind.

Spend more time with family and friends

This is something I imagine most people want. At the beginning of 2017¬† I was so focused on uni and my assignments that I didn’t go out all that often. Now that I have a set working pattern of Mon-Fri I can actually plan ahead. I already have some exciting weekends lined up over the next few months.

Take part in my first run

Running is my favourite form of exercise although I’ve never took part in a running event. The goal is to do the Great North Run but for this year I’m just going to aim for a 10k and to run outdoors more often.


Do you have any goals for twenty eighteen?






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