Studying At Home

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Working from home as most people know can be distracting. You have all your home comforts right in-front of you. It’s so easy to stick Netflix on, browse social media and online shop and then by the time you know it 2 hours have passed. I’m speaking from experience here. I don’t have an office or a work space as such at home so for me I like to sit down at the kitchen table. This is where I get the most work done because if I’m on the sofa or lay on my bed I tend to procrastinate or nap. So my first tip is to find a space that you dedicate to working (and eating in my case). Here’s a few more…

  1. If you’re working on a project that doesn’t require the internet just disconnect. Simple as that. If like me you’re part of ongoing Facebook chat messages and a little obsessed with checking Instagram it really does help stop your mind from wandering.
  2. Keep your surroundings clean and tidy. It’s amazing what a difference a clean workspace makes to my mood. As they say a tidy room makes for a clear mind.
  3. Set yourself breaks throughout working. I like to do an hour at a time. It makes working feel alot more structured and you can plan it into your day.
  4. Work near a kettle, unlimited tea and coffee. It keeps me focussed and stops me thinking about food (mostly chocolate and fizzy strawberry laces).
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