Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeasRoasted Chickpeas 2

I didn’t think I would ever write a post solely about chickpeas but I’m addicted to the things so here it goes. I’m terrible on a weekend for wanting to eat crisps and I can get through a full share bag on my own very easily. In fact, I may as well inhale them they go that quickly. The thing is I really want to be as healthy as possible, I want to nourish my body rather than stuffing it full of crap every weekend or when I need a pick me up. I decided to research for alternatives and came across chickpea roasting. At first I thought, pfftttt as if they are going to satisfy my savoury cravings, but they actually did. So much so that I am now forever buying tins of chickpeas. I find them to be great as a savoury treat or something to nibble whilst working at your desk or to take as part of a packed lunch. The best bit about them is you can flavour them to your taste and store them in tupperware to dip into when you want guilt free nibbles throughout the week.

Roasted chickpeas 3Roasted chickpeas 4

You will need:
Coconut oil
Seasoning ( I use smoked paprika and pink himalayan salt)

1. Drain and rinse the chickpeas
2. Melt about 1tbsp of coconut oil in a roasting tray
3. Add the chickpeas and seasoning until all the chickpeas are coated
4. Roast for around 35-40 minutes making sure to shake them up every 10 minutes or so




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