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The Pixiwoo sisters, Sam and Nic, have released a brush cleansing palette this year so I’ve bought one to put to the test. I try to clean my brushes every 2 weeks because it helps makeup to sit better on the skin and of course I want to keep my skin as healthy and as clear as possible. Before I came across the cleansing palette I used the MAC brush cleanser with warm water and a few cotton pads. I much prefer this method, it’s less fuss, less mess, easier and faster.

The silicone palette slips over your hand and is designed with multi-textured surfaces to clean different sized brushes. Firstly squeeze a few drops of the brush cleansing gel in the palette, add a small amount of warm water and swirl your brush around until it appears clean. Rinse the bristles thoroughly and leave to dry either upside down or lying flat to prevent any water reaching the base of the bristles. It’s as easy as that. I also preferred using the Real Techniques cleansing gel over the MAC brush cleanser because I feel you don’t waste as much with it being a gel formula.

Saving tip – The cleansing palette is currently £9.99 in Asda but retails at £12.99 online and in other drugstores.



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