Protecting Your Skin on Holiday


Protecting your skin is essential all year round but even more so when you are in the blazing sunshine. I would recommend using SPF everyday regardless of being on holiday, whether that be in a moisturiser or foundation. Our skin will thank us in 20 years time.

When going on holiday somewhere I know the sun will be out in full force I always use a high factor on my face. I’m not overly fussed on being super tanned, I’d rather protect my skin the best I can from sun damage. This year I tried out two new SPF’s for my face which are both affordable and worked a treat.

Simple’s SPF 30 Moisture Cream – Unlike many facial SPF creams this didn’t leave my skin greasy or shiny. It absorbs easily and leaves the skin hydrated with a subtle glow. I also found it to be a great base for my makeup on an evening. My foundation sat evenly on top of the moisturiser and it gave me that dewy glow I always love.

La Roche-Posay’s SPF 50+ Tinted BB Cream – I bought this for when I felt my skin needed extra coverage. A tinted suncream works wonders when you want to wear no makeup but still have an even skin tone with no redness. I replaced my foundation with this some evenings and touched up with concealer in the areas I needed to give a more natural finish.

Have you used these products or do you have any SPF recommendations?



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