Post-Grad Anxiety

I feel like no one warns you about the anxiety that will hit once the excitement of graduation is over. From being young, in every step of education, success is always advertised as a smooth path as long as you work your butt off and earn the grades. It’s only now that I realise working your butt off is only half of it. Luck has a lot to answer for too.

I think the biggest problem for me is that I have always had a short-term plan and all of a sudden those plans are all complete. I have no idea what I might be doing this time next year. It’s daunting. Everyday I find myself worrying that I’m not going to achieve what I want out of life. I’m worried that I’ll work in a job that doesn’t excite me or let me be creative in some way. What if working hard and having good intentions just isn’t enough?

Being aware of the way you’re feeling and breaking everything down is really important. I’m well aware that how I’m feeling is completely ‘normal’. There will be hundreds of graduates feeling exactly the same way right now which is why I’m writing this I guess. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one. I’ve already went down the road of thinking ‘was the degree even worth it?’ and ‘where would I be now if I didn’t spend 3 years studying for this?’. Trust me, it’s pointless even going there. Amid the stress of being a graduate with no immediate plan, at least be proud of your achievements.

I’m trying to use the way I feel as a boost of motivation to live in the moment and be grateful for my part-time job. I’m setting myself goals that aren’t related to career or work achievements instead. That way I have something else to work towards and think about. I want to run my first half-marathon, create a new website idea I have and read a new book every month. These are things I can be doing now I have spare time where I’m not studying and I can still feel accomplished.

How are you dealing with/have dealt with post-grad life?



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