Going to University


After finishing my A-Levels I applied for several Universities and attended interviews but my heart just wasn’t in it. At sixth form and college there can be a lot of pressure to rush into uni because it feels like everyone else is. I decided to take time out and get a job whilst putting some thought into what I wanted to study. To cut a long story short I worked in sales for 2 years and reached the decision of studying fashion journalism. In September 2014 I began student life again after people repeatedly told me “oh once you’ve started earning you won’t want to go back to studying.” So I did it, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and continued working around 20 hours a week so I still had a strong income.

I study in my hometown of Sunderland mainly because moving away was never something I wanted to do as a student and luckily for me the course I wanted to study was here. My family, friends, boyfriend and work life all mean a lot to me so being able to keep everything as it was and add studying into the mix was perfect for me.

So that’s a little bit about my journey into student life but is it right for you? Firstly I would ask yourself what your ideal career is. This is the obvious question and with a bit of research you can find out if a degree is needed or will help you on your path. If like me you’re really unsure, the option is to study something you love, find work or take a break. Working in sales for 2 years was such a valuable experience for me. Learning how to manage money, interact with the public and be part of a working environment boosts your confidence and maturity.  I’m not saying it’s for everyone but don’t feel like you have to rush, take the time you need to make the right decision for you. At the end of the day this is your life.


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