It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been present on my blog, and Instagram for that matter. I’ve been a busy bee with working full time, prepping for Christmas and spending the weekends with family and friends for the early festivities. So, it’s nice to sit down and finally write a post – I have promised myself I will have more of a routine in the new year!

The first thing to mention is the blog has had a slight re-design. I think it reflects me and my style perfectly and I can’t wait to create more exciting content in the new year. I’ve been desperate to upgrade the style and add some colour to a very white blog. Other than the pink, we’ve also changed the layout. There are more featured posts on the home page than previously and I think the navigation of the blog is a lot easier too.

I’ve got my boyfriend Ben to thank for all the technical workings of it so I won’t take all of the credit. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a luxury having someone who can tweak things whenever you fancy. I repay him in beers of course!

Who doesn’t love a lazy Sunday?

Today is the first day I’ve felt truly relaxed in weeks. I’ve pretty much finished my Christmas shopping and I even have outfits planned for all the festive celebrations coming up (who knew I could be so organised!). After an afternoon yesterday sipping champers and eating cake for my Nan’s birthday, I headed out for drinks with the girls. Then I found out Ben’s sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and I became ‘Aunty B’ with a G&T in hand. I was quick to wet the babies head! It’s been a cherry topped weekend and the best lazy Sunday. Hangover free I should add – gin is the best. I’ve soaked in a dreamy Jo Malone bath, played my favourite records and now I’m writing this whilst cuddled up on the sofa watching Notting Hill. A perfect weekend if I do say so myself…

Let me know what you’ve been up to today and what d’ya think of the blog’s makeover?


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