My Laser Eye Surgery

My Laser Eye Surgery

My whole life I have had aided vision. It’s always felt natural to wear glasses because I can’t remember ever not having to put them on as soon as I woke up each morning. It started when I was four years old and they noticed I had a lazy eye (amblyopia). I began wearing glasses aged 4 and to treat the lazy eye I had to wear an eye patch. The patch covered my ‘good’ right eye so that the lazy eye was forced to work. I had to then wear my glasses over the top of the patch. The patches kids wear today are so much more attractive than what I was given. I had a box of skin coloured patches with a bunch of stickers I could decorate it with. I remember I used to hate when the ballerina stickers ran out and I only had footballs or flowers left. Trivial kid probs. I was obviously called a pirate and plenty of names by the other kids but I can’t remember it ever upsetting me.

The lazy eye treatment was a success but I had to carry on wearing glasses for long-sightedness and astigmatism. I wore glasses every day until I moved to senior school. I then decided I preferred the way I looked without them so refused to wear them when I wasn’t at home. I could never see the board at school and would sit squinting all day with regular headaches. I eventually moved onto contacts around the age of 15-16 to relieve myself. I was told I would get the best vision from using hard yearly lenses but I opted for soft monthly lenses instead as they worked better for my lifestyle. I would wear contacts throughout the day if I was going out and glasses if I was staying in. It’s strange because I actually think I suit a lot of different frames and I love the look of glasses on other people, but as soon as my prescription was put in the frame, I thought it ruined them. My eyes felt sooo magnified.

Site For Eyes – Sunderland Eye Infirmary
I began thinking about laser surgery when I was about 20-years-old and read bits and pieces online. Last year I turned 22 and decided this would be the year I would really research it properly and book in for a consultation. I booked in at Site For Eyes at the Sunderland Eye Infirmary. I met with my surgeon, Mr Danjoux, who carried out the consultation and told me what he could do. I was told I could have LASIK surgery but he recommended I have one eye done at a time with around a month in-between due to my prescription. After a few weeks of deliberation I decided to go for it and booked my first eye for September 2016.

The surgery was a breeze compared to what I was expecting. I was in the room for no longer than 10 minutes. I had watched a ton of YouTube videos of the procedure beforehand because I prefer to know exactly what to expect (Lasik Surgery video if you want to see the procedure I had). Once the eye drops are in you honestly don’t feel a thing. There is a moment of slight darkness during the surgery and then once a flap in the cornea is folded back you can just see a very blurry red and green light. There is a slight smell of burning when the laser is underway but you still can’t feel a thing. In fact, the worst bit was when he pulled the tape off my eyelashes! Just to point out, at no time during the surgery did I feel like I needed to close my eye.

After the surgery you have a plastic cover taped over the eye to prevent you from touching or rubbing it over night. It felt gritty, watery and a little sore afterwards but nothing I couldn’t handle. I went straight to bed once I was home. I could see the improvement instantly although it wasn’t as exciting the first time as I still had one bad eye. I wore one contact in the bad eye for the month and the week leading up to the surgery I popped the lens out of the left side of my frames (see in the pic) so I could actually see. As you can imagine I got a few funny looks.

Once my next eye was done, in early November, I could see instantly. No more frames, no more lenses, I could actually wake up and see. It was such an awesome feeling. I can firmly say it is one of the best things I have ever done and Mr Danjoux and his team have been brilliant. If you have any questions about my experience, feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email.

My Vision 4 Months Later

Right Eye  –  SPH   +5.25   CYL   -3.50   AXIS   5   Left Eye  –  SPH   +5.50   CYL   -2.00  AXIS   170

Right Eye  –  SPH   +0.50       No Astigmatism       Left Eye  –  SPH   -0.50   CYL   -0.25  AXIS   90



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