January Highlights

January highlights - beth waldron

Well, that went by in a flash! It feels like I only posted my 2018 goals last week and now it’s bloody February! I decided not to focus on my blog or be overly active on social media last month, purely because I started my new job and wanted to have some time to settle in and get used to my new routine. I always like to ease myself into a new year, I’ve never been one of those people who switches everything up as soon as January comes around. Good on those who do, but dry January and new year diets are not for me! I’ve still been enjoying cheese boards, gin and chocolates. Moderation and all that. So, whilst I’m relaxing with my Sunday evening glass of wine, I thought I’d share my January highlights.

The new job!

I feel so lucky to have landed this role. It feels crazy to say I write, create and design for a living. Every day is different, one day I could be writing blog posts and web content, the next I’ll be maintaining social media accounts and working on InDesign. I never thought I’d become one of those annoying people who loves their job, but here we are! I’ll be writing a blog post soon about my experience of transitioning into my first graduate role for anyone who’s interested.


Like a lot of people this year, I want to read more. I’m a seasoned chick lit reader so naturally started the year off reading one – ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ by Giovanna Fletcher. It was good but I want to start reading books that really make me think and play on my emotions. I’ve just finished reading ‘Small Great Things’ by Jodi Picoult, a book focused on prejudice and power. I highly recommend it! Two books down in one month isn’t so bad eh?

Friends is on Netflix!

After all the years me and Ben have been together I can’t believe I haven’t made him watch Friends. Since everyone and their dog is watching it right now, we thought we’d join in. I still laugh out loud even though I know exactly what’s coming. It’s such a classic and Ben will finally understand my Friends references and that he’s my lobster!

That’s all of the January highlights I have to report, I think each month I’ll do something like this or a favourites post. I like to round my thoughts together at the end of a month. Let me know how your January was in the comments and if you have any book recommendations please send them my way!




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