Five Highlights Since The Start Of The Year

It’s the classic ‘Hello I’m Back To Blogging!’ post. I love to write and snap pretty photos but I didn’t have a chance in hell at keeping a regular routine whilst writing essays, completing my dissertation, working part-time and my pathetic attempt at having a social life. So here it goes, the ‘I’m back’ post, hopefully I can enjoy my blog again now that my stress levels aren’t through the roof. I thought I would ease back in and share a few awesome things that have happened over the past few months! Here are my five highlights of 2017 so far.

1. I Interned at Belle Bridal Magazine.
As part of a module at uni I had to complete a placement for two weeks and write a logbook about my experience. If I could, I would intern as much as possible, but since I have a permanent job with contracted hours I had to book time off as a holiday to complete it so it’s just not feasible for me. However, two weeks at Belle Bridal was enough for me to realise I’m in the right lane because I loved every minute. I wrote for their website, the print issue, helped with goody bags for a wedding fair and dealt with PR samples. The lovely ladies gave me some samples from Oskia Skincare and Charlotte Tilbury to take home which was a special treat. The team there do a stellar job and I’d love to write for them again.

Five Highlights - Belle Bridal Magazine

2. I turned 23!
Another year older, another year wiser… or so they say. As the tradition goes, I took the train down to London with my Mam and Sister to spend some quality time together shopping, drinking, eating and laughing. On the actual day of my birthday my lovely fella took me out for brunch at one of our favourite spots, Ernest in Newcastle, and then treated me to some very instagramable cakes for dessert (they tasted as good as they looked!). The evening was spent with all the family and my parents put on a deeelish spread.

Five Highlights - I turned 23

3. Finishing my last ever uni assignment
I mean do I really need to explain why this was a highlight?! I actually enjoyed a lot of the work but the feeling of relief when it was handed in was just amazing. To know that three years of hard work was over just like that was kind of overwhelming and although the pressure of deadlines was gone, the anxiety of waiting for results kicked in. I’m still waiting now! Fingers and toes and everything crossed please.

five highlights - end of uni

4. The luxury of ‘Me Time’
Since finishing all of my deadlines it means when I come home from work I can do as I please. No more sleepless nights or being glued to my laptop. So I am embracing self-love, taking that extra time to enjoy my skincare routine, back to cooking food my body loves and the best bit: I have time to READ! I just love getting stuck into a good book and for my birthday so many people gifted me books and it was killing me having to wait to read em’. I’m now making my way through them all.

five highlights - me time

5. Nocturne Live at Blenheim Palace
I had been looking forward to this gig for soooo long. Three of my favourite and most listened to musicians Corinne Bailey Rae, Jamie Cullum and Gregory Porter all playing at one gig. Me and Ben drove down to Oxfordshire with my parents and we stayed in a fab little B&B ran by a lovely woman named Helen. The atmosphere of the gig was even better by being located at Blenheim Palace because the surroundings were just stunning. We sat by the lake eating Katsu Curry from the food stalls with a bottle of wine before the music started and then we carried on with more bottles of wine throughout the night. Me and my Mam were very emotionally invested in the music and even had a few tears! It was a toppa night.

Five Highlights - Blenheim Palace


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