I can finally and happily say that I have found my perfect hairstyle! For years, I routinely used box dyes too dark for my complexion, wouldn’t brave more than inch off the ends, and I didn’t even contemplate using heat protection or quality products. I never thought lightening my hair was an option or something I would suit, yet here we are, and I have never felt more comfortable.

After scrolling through Instagram and admiring so many hairstylist’s work, I remember thinking, why the hell shouldn’t I start spending money on my hair? I followed a local salon called Frances Marshall on their socials and booked an appointment for their signature balayage and a good cut. My stylist Brooke (who is amazing btw) told me it would be a fairly lengthy process because my hair was so dark and we wanted to keep the damage to a minimum. Every couple of months I had my hair coloured and cut, going through light brown, ginger and caramel shades in the process. All in all, it took about a year to get the colour exactly how I wanted it, whilst keeping my hair in good condition.


Every time my hair is coloured, I have the three steps of Smartbond by L’ORÉAL, which strengthens hair fibres during the lightening process. I always buy a bottle of the third step to take home and use it at least once every week instead of my conditioner. It’s incredible stuff and makes such a huge difference!

When it comes to washing my hair, I always use whatever shampoo and conditioner is on offer in the supermarket and alternate the conditioner with my Smartbond between washes – I also use the Charles Worthington violet shampoo to keep the brassy tones at bay. I then run the Charles Worthington leave-in conditioner through the ends along with my favourite heat protecting cream by KÉRASTASE.


Tousled waves are my go-to, but I do wear my hair up from time to time. It takes me around 10-15 minutes to wave my hair using an old pair of BaByliss Pro hair straighteners – I’ve tried Ghds, curling tongs and wands, but the curl always ends up too tight or none existent! I’m probably not using the right technique, but I’m happy sticking with my BaByliss oldies until they give up. I finally finish my hair with a spritz of hairspray and sometimes a little oil in the ends. Dry shampoo is also essential in-between washes to keep it feeling fresh and voluminous!

It really is amazing what a good hairdo can do. I think this hairstyle somehow matches my personality and fashion choices, plus, I feel more confident about my hair than I ever have before!

Do you change your hair style or colour often?


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