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After being on the hunt for bedside lighting for six months I finally have my perfect setup. I wanted something that wouldn’t take up much space but really added something to the room. I found so many beautiful lamps from the likes of and but nothing in my price range. I’m a student on a part time wage and ¬£80 per lamp was never going to happen so I took to Pinterest for some DIY inspiration. Once I had an idea I priced up all the bits I needed, made an online order and took a trip to Ikea.

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I picked up the 2 wall brackets from Ikea which were originally a birch wood colour. I painted them white to blend in with the wall and to add more contrast with the copper cable.

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The rest of the lighting is from Vendimia Lighting. I debated for a long time about which colour cable to go for. My room has copper accents throughout so it made sense to go with that colour and I think it looks more premium than white or black. The cable, bulb holder and plug was already put together so I didn’t need to worry about buying all the parts separately. The vintage edison bulbs also came with the set I chose.

My dad joined in to help put the brackets up. The 2 holes on the top of the bracket that the lighting cable feeds through need to be made bigger using a drill. Once that was done we attached the brackets to the wall. Then I¬†detached part of the plug so I could feed the lighting cable through the holes in the bracket and wrap the cable around. I toyed with the idea of drilling another hole in the bottom side of the bracket so I didn’t need to wrap the cable around it but I decided against it. I think it gives them more character having the cable spiral down.

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Let me know what you think of my DIY lighting and if you recreate them or have any of your own DIY lighting ideas.
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