Coffee Talk #14

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It’s coming to the end of June and what a month it has been. In regards to my personal life it’s been lovely, the first month working only part time with no uni work to do and me and Ben have had a week off which we spent in Yorkshire. In regards to the UK it has been a month of extremely important decisions with regards to the EU referendum which has managed to divide the full country. I wasn’t going to talk about the EU Ref on my blog but I figured important discussion shouldn’t just be brushed under the carpet.

Since our holiday in Yorkshire, which you can read about here, I have spent most of my time getting back into a routine of being productive. On Thursday, me and a few friends went to the Sunderland Empire Theatre to see The Sound of Music which was awesome. Going to the theatre to watch a musical just lifts your spirit and makes for a positive day. It was also the day I visited the polling station at my old primary school. The big in or out day.

Since studying public affairs in second semester this year, I felt my knowledge was massively improved around the way the EU worked. It was the perfect time to study it although I must admit I nodded off in a few of the lectures! We had a visit from Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pierce, two British political journalists both on opposing sides, for a lively debate which confirmed my views on the ref. This with some added research and reading brought me to my decision.

On Friday morning I woke up to the result we were out, although nothing will come into effect for some time, I still struggle to see the positive side of it. At the end of the day we have to remember that naturally everyone is going to think their sole opinion is the right opinion to have. So i’m just patiently waiting for the condescending nature of some people to settle down because social media is a little tense right now.

I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely week and remember to just be nice.

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