Books: Three Lighthearted Reads

I really enjoy a lighthearted book that makes for an easy read when you’re nodding off at night or just want to read through a quick chapter on your lunch break. They generally don’t take too much commitment and these three gave me a few laughs along the way. If you’re one of those people who isn’t a big reader and aren’t too fussed on novels, these books may be just the thing for you. And if you’re a twenty-something like me who is still trying to figure shit out then look no further.

‘How To Be A Grown-Up’ by Daisy Buchanan

This book had me reminiscing about times I had been in the exact situation and seemed to almost shadow some of the thoughts and worries I’ve had and still have day to day. The book discusses friendships, work, love, money, mental health and so much more. It resonated with me even more when Daisy was writing about being a young journalist and trying to find her way. It’s an honest book written in a friendly tone with some good laughs. Almost like you’re chatting with a friend over a glass of wine.

‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**K’ by Sarah Knight

Everyone seemed to be reading this book last year. It’s a parody of the book ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo. After Sarah Knight quit her successful corporate job she began to write her self-help guide to mental decluttering and doing things for yourself. I’ll be honest, sometimes the book does get a little repetitive, but as a whole I really enjoyed the concept. It made me think about how much I do things to please other people and what I actually give a F**K about! It’s a good one to have chuckle at whether you take the advice on board or not.

‘Get Your Sh*t Together’ by Sarah Knight

The follow up book from Sarah Knight. I preferred this book to ‘The Life-Changing magic Of Not Giving A F**K’ because it seemed more relevant to my life. I read this at the time I was completing my final semester at university so a reminder to get shit done was needed. It pulls together reasons you may not be winning at life and aims to inspire you to get organised and work towards your goals. Again, this book isn’t life changing but I found it to be a good lighthearted read. If you’re not a fan of constant swearing and a witty author it’s probably best you skip the last two.

Books: Three Lighthearted Reads

Have you read any of these books or have any recommendations for a lighthearted read?




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