Bedside Table Styling

Bedside table styling

You might just think of your bedside table as a place to put your alarm clock or a glass of water while you slumber. But if you style your nightstand it can really pull a bedroom’s look together. Whether you like it to be very minimal or a lil busier like me, it really does make all the difference. I think it’s nice to reflect a bit of your personality in the way you style things. If you share a room with your partner why not both have your own take on the styling? There’s no need for symmetry.

When it came to styling my bedside tables I opted for these hanging lights to give me more space on the surface for bits and bobs. The lights are one of my favourite things in the bedroom, I wrote a post about how I created them here. I think they add so much more style and fun to the room than your average lamp.

I don’t like things to be too perfect, it’s nice to have a lot going on and more things to look at. Books are a great place to start when styling a surface, I always have a couple stacked which I’m flicking through/reading at the time. It adds a bit of height and you can then build on that by adding extra bits on top. I just keep a pillow spray and lip balm here because these are the things I grab before I’m about to get tucked up. On the other table I’ve added a wooden tray from H&M home with a mini candle and some greenery. It’s a good place for Ben to keep his keys and any loose change. Trays are always good for styling any table/desk area because they help create a practical layout and make things look like they have a place.

I had been wanting to add some photos into the mix too but didn’t want them to take up much space. I picked this metal photo frame up from H&M home and I think it looks really cute with a couple of polaroids in. Don’t forget about the wall space when you’re styling your nightstand. Even if you just blu tack up a print you love or a postcard it makes it more interesting and personal.

Do you have any styling tips to share?

Bedside table stylingBedside table styling


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